Golden Eyes – Buckethead


Ok this is not really my musical genre, but I really like that one though, because the guitar is excellent. The song doesn’t need any lyrics or singer, as the guitar is sufficient.


More Buckethead

– Soothsayer

– Look Up There

For now, this is all I know, but I’m sure other Buckethead songs are great. I’ll let you know if I fall in love of another sound of him.


I Knew You Were Trouble – Taylor Swift

My pop song this beginning of the year. With a little goat version, it’s even more funny.

Yeah I think, this song will make me remember my semester here in the UK. All people are singing that song (yep…). The goat version comes from a joke with my friends. It remembers me another gag that happened but it is not necessary to tell. Really.

Trouble, trouble, trouble…

“De la musique avant toute chose” – P. Verlaine, L’Art Poétique

Lofticries – Purity Ring

This is one of the songs I keep listening again and again these moments. I have discovered so many songs these last few weeks that I think I could now define my favourite genre: chillin’ music, easy to listen with a bit of electronic sound.
The video clip suits the impression giving by the song: haziness. Still remains the pleasure to listen to that.

More Purity Ring (From Belispeak Album):

– Obedear

– Belispeak

– Amenamy

– Fineshrine